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December 5, 2013
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baby oh baby by budews baby oh baby by budews
haha, i don't know if anyone still remembers him, but i definitely do. also i'm sorry for my extremely long descriptions on silly doodles.

it's already canon among me and the other two admins of kkc and 3k that they both take place in the same world, just vastly different time periods, obviously. and it's also canon that some of the kkc characters are distantly related to characters in the 3k time period. for example, Eden is somewhere down the line related to Eli. Atlas (my husky cop) is the descendant of Ariel and Grant's family line, and Philbert is related to Sebastian.

eli is eden's great-great (x10+ great) grandfather, and was a travelling merchant who came from a well-known merchant family but wanted to find out who he was beyond just a family name and he did that by travelling the world selling his own goods, but unfortunately, like his descendant, he's not very good at his family's trade and also manages to piss people off a lot. actually, pissing the whole caravan of people he was traveling the desert with off and getting robbed and dumped is how he met reiko's ancestor! he's a pretty okay dude.

and then i remembered it was winter and i've always liked drawing eden in his beanie so i did that. i love him. he's so cute. he reminds me of shinji from persona 3 bc of his jacket and beanie LOL.

and yes, eden does speak a bit of japanese from his time as a transfer student in japan! he's obviously not as fluent as a native such as reiko but he's been studying it at his community college for a while now, and having a girlfriend who speaks it fluently certainly helps.  he loves saying short phrases like aishiteru (i love you) to reiko, i imagine she finds it endearing too.

reiko  =sylveonprince
eden * eli * art  =budews
My favorite sketch is the bottom middle one
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